Kitchen Renovation Course

The complete guide to renovating your kitchen yourself!

Builders Secrets Revealed

At JTLearn, we are passionate about making renovations as affordable as possible. Through this unique course, you'll gain exclusive access to the building trade's best-kept secrets. With our user-friendly and easy-to-understand educational platform, we'll equip you with the knowledge needed to renovate like a pro.


Reflecting on our extensive work in the construction industry and the many renovation projects we have undertaken over the years, we realised only a few critical elements of each construction job require the skills of a qualified and experienced tradesperson. With a bit of study, you can develop the knowledge needed to successfully manage everything else yourself, without sacrificing quality.


Discover what the professionals do to complete a renovation in just a few weeks to the highest standard, and how you as a beginner, can do the same!

Do It Yourself and Save 

Taking on elements of a renovation yourself can save you a significant amount of money. With our support, you'll learn how to renovate a $20,000 kitchen for just $10,000! By learning step-by-step what is involved with a successful kitchen renovation, you'll negate the need to pay the fees and taxes that traditionally go to a contractor.

Video Tutorials

We'll run you through the entire process of a kitchen renovation via the medium of video. You'll see first-hand the vital techniques, tricks and tips that will guarantee you a high-quality kitchen.


Using tools

How to properly use your tools

We'll show you exactly how to use your tools to ensure safety, precision, efficiency and a high-quality finish.


Buying Tools

How to renovate with just a few tools

Many people are surprised to learn they don't need to spend thousands of dollars on tools. By explaining what tools can be used for what purposes, we'll make sure you don't have to break the bank.


Hiring Tools

Discover what tools can be hired instead of bought.



Each of the 14 modules is broken down into several easy-to-understand steps and presented in this handy guide. So even once you've finished the online elements of the course, you'll always have a hard copy manual on-hand to remind you what needs to happen and when.



Throughout each stage, we'll outline everything required to get the job done correctly, including:

  • Materials

  • Tools

  • Safety gear



How to work with a tradesperson


We'll give you our very own RULES on how to deal with tradespeople effectively, so:

  • they'll love working with you

  • they'll turn up exactly when you want them to

  • you won't get ripped you off

  • they'll do anything to make you happy

  • you'll be able to take their advice and use it your maximum advantage

Class Curriculum

  • Module 1


  • Module 2


  • Module 3

    Basic Carpentry

  • Module 4

    Plumbing and Electrical

  • Module 5

    Recording Work

  • Module 6

    Plaster boarding

  • Module 7


  • Module 8 


  • Module 9


  • Module 10

    Fit off

  • Module 11 


  • Module 12


  • Module 13 




Josh Dodd

With over 200 construction and renovation projects under my belt, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the industry, I am at the helm of JTDODD, a professional home renovation business focused on delivering high-quality transformations. JTLearn is an opportunity to share everything I've learned over the years and hopefully making the magic of renovations accessible to more Australians!


Wednesday 16, 2017

As a mother of 3 kids I got very bored at home and wanted to be more productive so I tried this course and I really surprised myself and completed my very first renovation.

Monika Kowalska

Mum of 3

Wednesday 16, 2017

I tried this course because of the high prices of builders. Once I tried it I knew I made the right choice because before I knew it I had a brand new bathroom that I'm extremely proud of.

Jason Shepherd

Home Owner

Are you ready to enroll?

  • Kitchen Renovation Course



    The course includes:

  • Exclusive videos

    We'll take you through the entire kitchen renovation process to show you how it's done.

  • Renovation handbook

    Gain access to our renovation handbook and refer to it throughout the renovation period. This comprehensive guide contains numerous checklists and outlines every step in the process.

  • Tool usage videos

    Learn how to use tools properly to get the most out of them while also being safe.

  • Rulebook for dealing with tradesmen

    We've written the rulebook on how to deal with tradespeople so they'll love working with you, and you'll get the best out of their advice.

  • Buyers guide for tools

    What tools do you need? What tools should you avoid? What tools can you hire? All your questions answered!

  • Renovation Glossary

    Gain access to our comprehensive renovation glossary, covering builder's jargon, and the names of materials and tools.


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